1. What did we do for you?

I was running a major sales transformation project in 2 largest CEE markets. The idea was to bring the whole sales organization to higher level along with a change of sales methodology. Having quite rigid and rather old team on board we wanted to achieve a right blend of fresh energy and accumulated knowledge while dramatically improving sales efficiency. Peterson Company did a thorough analysis of situation and run a comprehensive profiling of each individual and come with evaluation of desired setup and potential business impact

2. What was the result?

Comprehensive analysis of the whole team, proposed actions associated to each team member with well-defined expected outcome. As the result of all the actions taken I can claim we have fully setup organization delivering amazing results and ready for further growth.

3. What did you appreciate in our approach?

The methodology itself and extreme experience in the sales approach. And last but not least: Openness and transparency along with high level of professionalism.

4. How do you find our professional approach?

In a nutshell it was great! It was very open communication, quick alignment about expectations and flawless execution.

5. Would you work with us again?


Simon Kaluža

Managing Director, SAP Central & Eastern Europe

SAP d.o.o., Dunajska 165, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia