Who is Robert Peterson?

Robert is a professional trainer and coach with a wealth of experience in the sales environment which he has gained over many years working in this area. Additionally he provides excellent life and career coaching skills which enhancement the performance and general motivation level of the people he works with.

Which project did he perform for you?

Robert provided extensive team building and then Sales training programs for different sales segments within our business. He also delivered personal coaching and follow up programs and finally set up an effective on-going recruitment program significantly improving the quality of candidates and ultimately new employees.

What were the results?

Improved sales resulted with staff being more focused and structured in their approach to new business. Staff developed longer term plans and changed their behaviour in the sales process. Greater success in achieving price increases was seen, with higher levels of staff motivation and confidence. Lower recruitment costs were achieved and higher quality new employees found.

Would you recommend Peterson Company?

I would recommend Robert Peterson for any business seeking to improve their sales results and effectiveness of their business. Fallout benefits of using Robert Peterson in addition to belter sales results are the improved motivation, happiness and effectiveness of staff involved in the programs. This ultimately leads to reduced costs and a more focused workforce.

Andy Dixon,

General Manager Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants, UK