PEAK Auto - Sales Representative - Germany

Have you heard about the latest opportunity in the automotive world? Continue reading, you may get excited! But first this: are you passionate about the automotive world? Have you heard of NASCAR (USA) racing? Do you enjoy driving down the autobahn feeling the emotions of a well-tuned and well-maintained automobile? Do you fashion dealing with the automotive industry?
Then this sales position could be a next exciting step in your career.

Job Description

  • The sales professional we are looking for answers to the following requirements:
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a dynamic approach to the market. 
  • You are able to manage the full sales cycle and sales process and. Building a sustainable and profitable network is an important part of your activities;
  • Experience in the market which consists of distributors of automotive lights, lubricants, antifreeze and spare parts is a “nice to have” advantage. Knowledge of the automotive lights market and experience with major OEMs such as VW, FCA, PSA, etc is a very good plus.
  • To put it in a nutshell: approach the market, find the opportunities, get at the desk or business of your prospect and convince them that you will help them grow their business. We will provide all back-up and support.
  • And don’t forget to close the business!

Desired skills and experience

  • Knowledge of and the ability to execute a professional a sales development plan;
  • Communication skills where listening plays a very important role;
  • Knowledge of the methodology to sell value;
  • Entrepreneurial skills;
  • High sales DNA combined with professional sales competencies;
  • An attitude focussed on finding solutions for market issues;
  • Mastery of the sales process;
  • Not to mention, creativity and an innovative look at modern day sales.
  • Fluent in English in writing and spoken

About PEAK Germany

PEAK is the leading brand of Old World Industries. The organization was founded in 1947 and is active in more than 60 countries around the world. With its network and experience in the NASCAR championship Peak Auto has developed the best thinkable Lubricants and other Automotive products for high performance and sustainable durability for the automotive market. These aspects connected to quality, reliability and durability delivers the best ingredients for a proper engine performance. The outcome is, an enhanced full engine system which delivers a lubricant designed, tested and recommended for all manufacturers’ engines.

Is this the job oppertunity for you?

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