Experience Carerix with Peterson Company

Who is Carerix?

Carerix is the international market leader in Recruitment and Staffing solutions from the Cloud for companies like Randstad, USG People, Adecco, Manpower. The company was founded in 2004. General manager is Reinald Snik. 

What was the Assignment?

Carerix has the ambition to double its revenue in the coming 3 years. In order to realize this growth, it was crucial for Management to analyze its Sales Teams ability to successfully execute Carerix growth strategy. Carerix hired Eran Lahat from Peterson Company to play an important role in this process.

What was the Approach?

Peterson Company started by conducting an evaluation of the growth potential of the Sales Team to get the answers needed. Based on that evaluation, Peterson Company started developing the Sales Team to the next level using a unique sales coaching and training approach. Subsequently, Peterson Company assisted in selecting the right sales people to strengthen the Sales Team. The on boarding of these new sales people is being executed using Peterson Companies expertise and best practices. Goal is to ensure an effective and efficient ramp up resulting in a successful contribution to the revenue growth of the company.   

What was the Result?

Carerix has established an over performing sales organization and has been meeting and exceeding its growth aspirations in the first year of its 3 years ambition.   

- Reinald Snik, Managing Director Carerix