Experience NetIQ with Peterson Company

Who is NetIQ?

NetIQ is a global enterprise software company and the market leader in Identity- and Access Management solutions. NetIQ is one of the three Business Units of The Attachmate Group.

What was the Assignment?

To support NetIQ EMEA leadership in growing their business. To build a high-performance sales force with the right people in the right sales- and sales management seats. To evaluate how much more effective the sales teams could become and what it would take to realize that. 

What was the Approach?

Peterson Company started by conducting an evaluation of the growth potential of the sales teams to get the answers needed: How much better can the sales teams become?

Based on the data and answers acquired,  NetIQ management was better able to confidently make the necessary changes in building winning sales teams. Next step was developing the EMEA Sales Management team to the next level using a unique sales management training approach. Goal was to grow the impact of sales management on the sales teams. Subsequently, Peterson Company assisted in selecting the right sales people to strengthen the sales teams where needed. The on-boarding of these new sales people is being executed using Peterson Companies expertise and best practices. Goal is to ensure the quickest and most effective ramp-up possible, resulting in a successful contribution to the revenue growth of the company.   

What was the Result?

NetIQ was able to establish an over performing sales organization and has been meeting and exceeding its growth aspirations. The existing sales people with the largest growth potential were able to show a significant growth in their performance. One became # 1 salesperson of the year in EMEA. All newly hired sales people that were selected using Peterson Companies’ methodology have met and exceeded their targets in their first year, thereby qualifying for the companies’ Overachievers Club. One particular sales person has been awarded Rookie of the Year.    

- Ton Musters, VP Sales EMEA NetIQ – Attachmate Group